• Sandrine Anterrion

The Others, ch. 3

Disclaimer: video contains sexual reference.

This is the saddest thing I’ve listened to in one hell of a long time.

This poor fellow was used and abused by the Christian family he grew up in.

His genuine feelings were tried, tested and crushed, to the very point of erosion.

Why must this happen in a spiritual congregation, when so many communication technologies are widely available?

I believe it is logistically possible for governments to crack down on religious organisations, when they are being found to perpetrate this sort of psychological abuse.

There should be laws in place to fine heftily, whenever this type of situation develops.

This must be lobbied.

I too have been shunned by a “loving” Christian group; although not Witnesses, and not because of my sexuality.

It was a debilitating experience.

The law has to be laid down: on all communities, “holy” or otherwise. Not just around physical abuse, but also around emotional matters.

Those bodies who claim tax exemption status, should be financially penalised; every single time there is a case of such brutal emotional mistreatment.

This should be the Law of Man, in the name of God’s Justice.

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