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Reviews by Sandrine Anterrion

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Fashion writer in London Sandrine Anterrion
Dance psychology London writer

Eva Yerbabuena, Dance diapason

Girl with a Pearl Earring, movie review

Perfume, Story of a Murderer: Movie review

"As in many operatic works, [wind instruments] show patriarchal maturity, in bearing unspoken psychological burdens. They then procede to translate the latter into subconscious watercolours."

Sandrine Anterrion, on Verdi's Nume, Custode e Vindice.

Music psychology in London Sandrine Anterrion

"I love the Dark Blue Sea,

Her ships who sail in me.

I hear the Deep Black Sea,

They mean the World to me!"

The Pearls, Sandrine Anterrion

Michel Legrand, Le Messager.

Music review

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