Il Santo Nome: Verdi the Cinematographer

Composition exercises: character research

Dance analysis: Brazilian Samba

Feminism by Verdi.

Tu Es Sacerdos, Handel

Verdi's Lacrymosa (Requiem)

 "The quasi-cinematographic value of this visual scheme brings it to iconic status, wherein this arrogant cloth can parade and dance, unparalleled, for decades to come..."

Red Satin, 2013 essay by Sandrine Anterrion

London fashion writer Sandrine Anterrion

"I hid under a stain,

Ten oboes heart-broken...


I lived in Her disdain,

For songs I had stolen!


Her hands were white and fair,

I wept and she remained.

Her true love well-spoken,

Her hands were fairer then.

Where trees have not fallen,

My broken heart sings on...

Where scores have not begun,

I have not loved in vain."


Broken Maestro, opus 5

Sandrine Anterrion