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• One subject which fascinates me, inherently linked to my nature, is that of Women's Rights.
I have been very disappointed, and frustrated, over the years, by the utter ignorance, and out-of-date prejudices against the "weaker sex"...
There are, engraved in every human being's genes, a whole range of potential benefits to some of women's psychological traits.
I like to call it "Matriarchality", for although I don't believe in the future of a society whereof men are shut out, I have my own convictions about how aspects of motherly "leadership" could change Western, Patriarchal structures.


• My Mission Statement (or one of them...):
I have, in my years in London, experienced and witnessed many unfortunate instances of Violence against Women. Those took the forms of verbal or emotional abuse, physical abuse, as well as psychological warfare.
Under no circumstances should there be any justification for any of the above, nor for any abuse in the other direction.
In personal or work relationships, in casual social contacts, women and men of all races should always expect respect and decency, at all times.
It is a basic value which is often forgotten; and too

many times suffering plaintives are conveniently swept under the carpet.

In an age of great communication technology, there is no remaining excuse for ignorance, self-gratifying expressions of hatred, nor threats to individual or social human rights.

Many cry for help, many reach out for justice, many are repeatedly ignored.
Some trace the roots of this evil back to spiritual explanations; some fight it with their very own fists.

In shaded corners of Society, a few voiceless labourers vow to dedicate their every day to protecting and avenging the weaker and the misunderstood.
I have never given up on the fight for Life, with a large capital L, since nearly losing mine a few years ago.


I will never fear Evil, so long as I know my stance is righteous, truthful, and fair.

So long as I live, I will never forget the turmoil inflicted upon my own person, mind, and body, by close acquaintances, which I used to call friends...
They have taught me something cruel, something painful, but I, with the strength of my faith, have learnt to believe in myself. I have learnt that No Man, No Woman, no matter how Strong, no matter how powerful, no matter how popular; can take away my worth.


Until I pass away, I shall show children, adults, men and women alike; how Destiny can be touched by Powers which Mankind regularly chooses to ignore, pushing aside Its own Glory.

I have lived to tell tales of Sphinx-like Renewals; of hopes within Silent tombs, and shattering truths in the midst of deaf hypocrisy.
Never again will I agree to sustain the cowardliness of Destruction; never again will I be silenced, whenever witnessing Horror, or Injustice.

It is time to shut down the gates of Hell, those massacre-filled fantasy websites, which encourage Individuals to nurture excitement un-naturally based on Suffering. It is time for those persons, as concerned, to get some widely-available psychiatric help.
It is also time to do something about un-healthy images of women, as spread in the Media.
It is time to speak up against the exploitation of children’s and young women’s image in the worlds of advertising and of Popular music.

When Time rings for Humanity to wake up, then She must be alert on Her feet, straight out the door, out to work on Her Destiny. I fail to see so far what on Earth has been stopping Her. From a great ascent into Greatness, to a pitiful downfall into blatant ignorance, coupled with an increased hostility between races, an unchanged gap between genders, and a great loss in effective communication, it has somehow shut the door to rational thinking.


Mankind has lost Its Call of Nature, It has lost Its contact with Her, almost altogether. All in the name of Progress, it has fooled Its Inhabitants into denying their very own survival instincts. It has almost denied the very existence of Its own Mother, Nature.
I shall only be reassured when I see older people being regularly visited and cared for by their immediate neighbours; when I see evenings of Man turn into conclusions to His existential fulfilment.

Too often are Paupers being ignored, riches being wasted, and so are many gifts in Men. Every single smile echoes our own, every shadow extends to ours. Rather than dismissing extended hands, should we not acknowledge and hold onto them for a while?...
Some specific issues as addressed in this article are soon to be developed. However, the general plea, in my opinion, is the universal urgent need for a deeper examination of an increasingly-ailing, and increasingly-estranged Self.

Website under construction.

London writer Sandrine Anterrion

"Blood Guilt stained my hands fair:

Sullied in Blue Sorrow,

Sullied in Black Despair."

Sandrine Anterrion, The Pearls.
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