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"I have lived to tell tales of Sphinx-like Renewals; of hopes within Silent tombs, and shattering truths in the midst of deaf hypocrisy.
Never again will I agree to sustain the cowardliness of Destruction. Never again will I be silenced, whenever witnessing Horror or Injustice."


"I will never cease to love Opera, this enormous, untameable animal with several breaths and twenty hundred pulses...


"The Arts related to the Stage are a great modern Forum, in the Greek sense: a place to expose and analyse human emotions, via their actions...

"The exuberance in their embroideries, encrustations (etc) reflect a keen observation of their environment, as well as a remarkable intellectualisation of its reality."

"I hid under a stain,

Ten oboes heart-broken...


I lived in Her disdain,

For songs I had stolen!


Her hands were white and fair,

I wept and she remained.

Her true love well-spoken,

Her hands were fairer then.

Where trees have not fallen,

My broken heart sings on...

Where scores have not begun,

I have not loved in vain."


Broken Maestro, opus 5

Sandrine Anterrion

"This phenomenon is the equivalent of an under water achievement, where, in a parallel scientific system, laws of gravity no longer apply in the same fashion: bodies, ships and wrecks become virtually weightless."

Sandrine Anterrion

Monteverdi's Vespers, Et Misericordia

Sandrine Anterrion




I am currently working on Textile Therapy methodologies. I am intrigued by the various messages as sent to the eye and/or hand and body: I am exploring their full potential, in terms of healing for the mind.


I am also developing techniques and workshops for Music Therapy theories, based on storylines within orchestral scores.

I am applying for a PhD in Music Psychology.


If you wish to donate towards this, please click on the Paypal button. I can provide more details about the projects.

Please visit Music Psychology and Fashion Psychology pages, currently under construction.

My facebook page: Click here.


Thank you in advance.

Music psychology in London by Sandrine Anterrion
Dvorak New World Symphony, an analysis
by Sandrine Anterrion.







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