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Life coach in London, new year's resolution 2017

Belly Dance Cum

Life-Coaching/ Team-building packages can be booked by businesses or individuals alike.

Please visit Sandrine's Dance website, for biography and credentials.

Fitness for mind and body like.

"Despair is not in my vocabulary. I have been close to it. I have sensed it sometimes, in a room, like a cold draft. But somehow, something crept up and pushed it aside, so I could walk: however slowly, however lonely."

"I have learnt that No Man, No Woman; no matter how Strong, no matter how powerful, no matter how popular; could ever take away my worth."

Sandrine Anterrion

Sandrine Anterrion has years of experience in teaching adults and children in various subjects: Dance, French, Mathematics, Fitness, and personal empowerment.

She has also worked as a speaker, on various cultural subjects...

Her own life experience is a testimony of her capacity for resilience and self-motivation.

A true survivor, she has been able to motivate herself through various periods of grief, trauma, and loss.

She has also taken each opportunity to help others around her: identifying to their sorrow, fears, and identification issues.

After struggling with weight and body image issues for more than two decades, she developed progressive methods for gentle muscle toning and balanced healthy eating.

She has trained in London as a dance teacher and business starter, and started her dance theatre business in 2003.



Full biography coming soon.

Women's Mind-Body shifts

Subjects approached in one-to-one sessions:

  • Love and relationships

  • Faith in the Self/ Visualising Success

  • Work, vocations and empowerment in business

  • Physical health and Fitness

  • Body language for empowerment and success

  • Sorrow and Loss recovery

  • Using Music for healing and empowerment

  • Visual arts for healing and self-development

  • Dance for self-discovery and increased energy

  • Writing down your life for success and healing

  • Spirituality for victories over matter


Life coaching for women in London

"Sandrine is a respected professional amongst our network. She has always delivered work of a high standard whilst remaining flexible in her approach, in order to meet the needs of our service."

Alan S, Yess Entertainment. North London

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