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I grew up surrounded with fabrics, threads, whilst my mother spent hours at the sewing machine, making dresses, making the World, making peole.
They define time, and heartbeats, those endless sewing needles...
They are a music and a dance, to themselves...

•The rich multitude in patterns and tiny details in Middle and Far-Eastern clothing cultures, reflects a generosity and eloquence in visual communication skills. They surely demonstrate, in that aspect of their civilization, a certain superior quality in Anthropological terms... Whilst other people on the Globe will also have noticed reflections of the sun, or the moon, onto stones, within nature; the former peoples will have developed a language to express and replicate them.
Equally, the exuberance in their embroideries, encrustations (etc) reflect a keen observation of their environment, as well as a remarkable intellectualisation of its reality.

Also to be noted, is the utter desire to be important parts, as individuals, of the Universe as they perceive it. The fabrics and garments, as created, thus speak chapters of Metaphysics essays. They mimic a vast array of minute structures as existing within waters, night skylines, facial expressions, and stars...

Most strikingly in those countries, those cloths are designed to be symbolically protecting, covering, and empowering the person wearing them.
Such beaded philosophical statements, as they are, only further demonstrate the inherent Political potential powers of those lands, undermined still by Western Capitalist regimes...

"The keenness on detail reveals an innate compassion, traditionally associated with female personalities..."

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