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I am available for presentations and lectures, as stimulating additions to Fashion or Dance workshops.

Here is a selection of subjects I can lecture about:

  * The History and analysis of  Body  language within  Samba, Raqs Sharqi (Bellydance), or Flamenco.

  * The Language of Clothing in Costume: Middle-Eastern, Ballroom, Latin, or Indian dances...
  * The various messages within textile: in European, Oriental or African Fashions.

  * Palpable links between the visual and musical:  Music Vs Couture, philosophical and scientific  approaches. 
  * Fashion at the movies

  * Traditions in Middle-Eastern costuming .
          How to make a visually-effective Belly dance outfit.

All topics are thoroughly-researched and can be developed to cater for your needs. 

Fashion Samples can also be provided, and practical exercises can be included.

I am also open to suggestions.

References can be obtained upon request, as well as demos.

 I have led workshops for schools in London , private groups,  as well as Womens Institutes across the UK.
Please see my Contact page.

"The general plea, in my opinion, is the universally-urgent need for a deeper examination of an increasingly-ailing, and increasingly-estranged Self."

Sandrine Anterrion

London life coach for women
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